The Divine Morgan

Keeper of the naked flame, that which inflames the senses

The origins of Morgan are not known, and the nature of Morgan is only vaguely understood outside the priesthood. Morgan is the ultimate party animal, and preaches the doctrine of pleasure. Morgan has the shape changing ability and appears as both male and female. This makes the assigning of pronouns somewhat difficult. When depicted in the temples, Morgan is portrayed as a transsexual, possessed of both male and female genitalia, and a generally female face and figure.

The priests of Morgan guide the people in the pursuit of pleasure through sex, drugs, alcohol, or any other means that inflames or excites. Nothing is too outrageous, and nothing is condemned until it is first tried and found to be not pleasurable. The female aspect of Morgan is the goddess of courtesans. It is thought that there may be many children of Morgan, because s/he delights in the arts of disguise, often assuming male aspect to sleep with women in the guise of their husband. Equally, fooling men by impersonating their wives and mistresses. Few such children are identified, which is just how the Emperor prefers it.