The Communications Guild

Following the ascension of the Divine Michael, it was suggested to him by the Pater Deorum that there was a need for the people of the Empire to have access to wide ranging communications, and Michael made the decision to have his Temple follow the commercial model pioneered by the Divine Alastyr, and thus the Communications Guild was formed.

The Communications Guild offers a number of services:

  • Delivery of messages between Temples located in differing cities or provinces. Such messages can either be open telegraphs (Ð5), or closed messages (Ð10), for which the confidentiality of the message is assured. A closed message can include a packet up to 5 lbs in weight.
  • Drawing of one shot Trumps (Ð100)
  • Drawing of permanent Trumps (Ð5,000)

The temple is actively seeking artists who would feel inclined to join the Communications Guild, and is providing the necessary tuition to allow artists to become priests of Communications.