1. Servitori Luminous? Really? Why not just call them angels? What is an angel anyway? Who or what do they actually serve? In my experience they aren’t exactly moral beings in any conventional sense of the word. They’re powerful and dangerous. They can possess people, change people, and they even brought someone back from the dead once. I was told that they condemned some half demons to eternal torment. Are angels just really powerful demons with good PR or something else entirely?

  2. Considering you yourself have trouble knowing what an angel may be perhaps Servants of the Light make a bit more sense? It certainly avoids reading in a bunch of human notions on top of things. In my limited experience Servants of the Light work and not all of these beings come in the same degree of power or ability either, certainly methodology and approach to problem solving tends to differ somewhat from one to the next.

    They are powerful and certainly can be dangerous.

    Its probably a huge mistake to try to mix up too many ideas of human ethics or morality or religion with these beings, or to take only one set of religious context into consideration when you think of them. Angel is a very Christian term and a lot has gone into most people’s ideas of what that means…not all of that will be really helpful if you rely on it in your dealings with them.

    In my experience they have provided healing and protection, certainly help in eliminating particular foes or resolving issues where fundamental evil was involved.

    I can say that particular servitors do not necessarily kill or attack all demons, one that I am familiar with when asked for assistance only took two of five demons I was confronted with and that was because only those two were aligned with fundamental darkness. When asked for the rationale I was favored by an answer on that occasion that was very interesting. While the other three demons had been engaged in cage fighting operations and routinely fed on human beings as their preferred food product (preferably young females), this was considered not evil but merely a function of their particular ecology…much as we might say ‘Circle of Life’ when a cat eats a mouse. I was left to kill the three other demons on my own.

    It is beyond my scope to say precisely what these beings are, but they do follow rules, ethics and orders unique to their service. If you are not in violation of those rules or orders they generally do not interfere with you but may assist you as the case may be. If you are somehow at odds with those dictates, I don’t think there is anywhere far enough or fast enough for you to run…you’ll only die tired.

    I’ve met forces for the opposition. Of the two, I clearly prefer the Light. Your choice is your own.

    1. Servitors of the Light replaces one confusing term with a slightly longer confusing term. Who or what is the Light they serve? What are their rules? I generally find it easier not to violate rules if I know what they are. I also question what right they have to impose their rules? That they have the power and do impose their rules is not in question, but I am no fan of the idea that might makes right.

      In my experience they have transformed individuals against their will and committed murder.

      I have in fact run from them successfully once, but perhaps they did not choose to chase me.

      I have not met their opposition and I certainly hope that trend continues.

      Ideally I would like to keep both Servants of Light and Darkness off of St James and away from anyone who I care about.

  3. As humans I think our capacity to understand the Light is probably somewhat limited. I certainly don’t have a good definition for you. My personal definition tends towards a life positive force in existence.

    I don’t claim to know the rules and tenets each goes by, a great deal appears to do with whether something accords with the overall force they serve and what their terms of service are understood to be.

    I don’t think its helpful to use terms like murder, which is a value judgement. Many of us have killed. I certainly have. We each of us have a sense of personal ethic for when it is appropriate to kill, largely based on our understanding of the context of the act and the limits of our knowledge. Murder in one ethos may be justice in another…or even mercy…perhaps self defense as the context changes.

    I will say that these beings do have access to more information than we generally do, so it may be of interest to consider that when considering actions.

    Lydia, I “murdered” 3 starving demons recently. They were not evil. They were half starved prisoners. My option was to release them to prey on humankind, which was their clear and stated intention…preferably starting with me first…or to kill them. Having been given the ecological view I made the evolutionary choice to remove a threat to the young reproductively able members of my own species. I killed them as they tried to make a meal of me.

    I made a decision in that encounter based on my values and ethics and the survival of my species. It may have been a different decision to others. From the demon perspective I am a cold blooded murderer without doubt who killed half starved, abused, victimized demons who had committed no crime other than to live according to their nature. From a human perspective, I put down a dangerous alpha predator that was a threat to my community.

    If you had access to vast amounts of knowledge, including that of past and future, and the ability to act on a truly cosmic scale, what might your perspective be?

    It is a philosophical point to be sure.

    As to keeping them off St. James…I’m not sure that you or any other force I am aware of is really up to a chore of that magnitude. You are welcome to try, let me know in advance though, I want to make sure I’m out of the way.

    As to people you care about…well again that’s a personal choice. It may be that you find the only source of help and healing in a particular case may be from a servant of the light. If so, I hope you overcome your reluctance for the sake of your loved one.

    Should I take it that you would prefer not to have anything to do with me? I am not a Servant of the Light with capital letters, but I do serve the light in a much more modest, less exalted, and far less powerful way. The healing I offer is based in the Light. If you would prefer that I not use that for you, I will respect your wishes in the matter. May I ask, if given a choice between calling the Light to aid you in the face of forces of darkness, and doing nothing and letting the dark take you, which would you prefer that I do for you?

    1. I did say that Ideally I would like the SotL kept off St. James. I’m neither foolish nor hypocritical enough to try to oppose their presence with force. The SotL use overwhelming force to do their will. I prefer persuasion. I see every time that I can dissuade someone from calling the SotL to St. James as a small victory.

      I won’t judge your choice to kill the demons. My understanding is that demons who are ‘killed’ by most means are merely banished anyway and may eventually return.

      Like you I have learned to heal others. My healing is based on shape shifting. I do not know enough of your method of healing to know if you control it or they do and what side effects it may have.

      I also have no intention to decide a priori what I will do in various hypothetical circumstances. I may indeed someday find myself in a circumstance where I decide that the SotL are a lesser and necessary evil. I hope not.

      As you have met the opposition, perhaps you could comment on them in the relevant entry or entries.

      1. Lydia, I think you have convinced me that I should not be serving with Spec Ops. You are not alone in your views I think. If the healing I offer is doubted as being tainted somehow and my effort to correct situations far and beyond the power level available to the group is considered a loss rather than a gain I doubt my ability to contribute to the group.

        I have met the opposition and I don’t care to comment on it. It is literally too awful for words. I think the dark will find you ripe for cultivation…they prefer persuasion too as an initial seduction and recruitment.

        I was born on St. James and I grieve for what I see happening.

        1. Without engaging in the light v. dark debate, I will say this: Gudrun – you are welcome and needed at Spec Ops.

          To you both, Spec Ops is hard enough duty without questioning the motivations of our teammates. I’m not naive enough to believe we all have pure hearts and everyone will agree all the time; but, if we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang separately. Our enemies are too many to add each other to the list.

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