Diego Guiterrez

Diego GuiterrezCivilian journalist, currently resident in Animus.

Notes on Ana Clara Nakamura aka Diego Guiterrez

Though none of this is confirmed, Ms. Guiterrez claims that she was recruited from her home Shadow, a St.-James-like world that she has dubbed São Jacó by Lara Croft (Animus), in order to write a biography of Ms. Croft.

Ms. Guiterrez came to the attention of Spec Ops when she was swept up with Lord Jonathan and several current Spec Ops agents in locating the Founding Sword of Animus. Since then, she has settled into a life as a political reporter in Animus, and has consulted with Spec Ops.

While Ms. Guiterrez is not a major player in multiversal affairs, it seems increasingly clear that she is not simply a random Shadow dweller swept up in Lara Croft’s wake. Recommendation: maintain relationship, keep file open for more details on her background. Major investigation is not currently indicated.

Physical Details
Sex: Female
Race: Brazilian/mixed (african, european, indigenous american, and asian heritage)
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Weight: 61kg (135 lbs)
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Appearance Notes: Guiterrez now most often wears casual clothing in typical Animus styles.

Powers/Heritage: Guiterrez very occasionally admits to Cornelian heritage (but without any details as to her bloodline) and some primitive shapeshifting ability. She roundly and very consistently disavows initiation into any power or any other supernatural ability. She does not apparently carry any weapons and to the best of our knowledge has never been involved in combat except in incidental ways.
Missions: Guiterrez has consulted with Spec Ops in:

  • the investigation of the Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash
  • the investigation of the deactivated humaniform biological artificial life forms in Los Angeles

Other Significant Events: Guiterrez is known to have played a role in:

  • the retrieval of the Founding Sword of Animus
  • the closing of the Abyss Hole near Ygg
  • the closing of the Abyss Holes in Mornington/the elevation of the people of Mornington
  • the retrieval of Lydia Lee Cantrell’s mothership

Diego Guiterrez (casual)

From a transcript of Q&A involved in Ms. Guiterrez taking up residency in Animus:

Q: What is your full name?
A: Ana Clara Nakamura.

Q: What about “Diego Guiterrez”?
A: It’s a pen name. I intend to keep using it. Most of my adult friends know me by it, though my real name is not now a secret.

Q: What was your previous place of residency?
A: A world similar to, but not the same as, St. James. Call it São Jacó if you need a name for it. Brazil. The city of São Paulo.

Q: Do you have affiliation, fealty to, a business arrangement with, or are you related by birth to the nobility or powers of Amber, Paris, the Courts of Chaos, Sable, the Reich, or any other Great Power?
A: There is a city on my world called Paris, where I briefly lived, but I assume that’s not what you’re talking about. Otherwise, no.

Q:  Are you a shapeshifter, a Trump artist, have you initiated with any form of sigil, including broken or incomplete versions of the sigils, are you a Pilot, and have your studied any form of sorcery?
A:  No.

Q: What is your occupation?
A: I am a journalist. Ms. Croft has asked me to write her biography. I intend to pursue journalism as a profession in Animus.


  1. Having experienced, firsthand, the abrupt acceleration of events associated with joining Spec Ops and being thrust onto the “multiversal stage”, I was keen on helping Diego acclimate. I remember being frequently freaked out and fascinated in equal measure during my early days of service, and I hoped to grant Diego the sort of perspective one might find useful in navigating the enlightened world. I found that perspective was something she’d already cultivated as a journalist. Her detachment behind the camera when the shit hits the fan is admirable, but I think it all might catch up to her eventually. Maybe, in her quiet moments, it already has. She can count on me to be there when she has questions or needs an equipment upgrade. The patient kindness with which I was shepherded into the fold carries an obligation to do likewise for other young operatives, and I intend to follow that tradition.

    Welcome to the real world, Diego.

  2. In the interests of full disclosure, I suppose I should add that since this file was created, I have been somewhat reliably informed that I am a Cornellian and I have some kind of shapeshifting ability, that probably would “kick in” if my life were seriously threatened.

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