Eregion Rex Demonicae

Monarch of the Shattered Realm, believed possibly to be the Creator of Demons.

Psychic Power Extremely High
Strength Seriously High
Endurance Godlike
Combat Ability Godlike
Presence Godlike
Additional Powers Logrus, Trump, Sorcery, Ritual Magic, Abyss
Current Known Status At Large

Eregion is at the heart of the demon paradox, as there are two distinct and contradictory histories in which he features.

In the first history, he is the fourth of the six children of King Swayville the Golden of Thelbane, and he perished heroically during a great battle against the armies of darkness when Lucifer led an ill-fated attempt to rid existence of the Cornelian menace.

In the second history, after Cornelius the Great perished building the Logrus of Thelbane, his eldest son Swayville took the throne of Thelbane and his second son Suhuy took control of the Thelbane Logrus and together they discovered the demon realm on the other side of the Firegate which exists near to Thelbane, and they negotiated an alliance of service from Eregion and his subjects in the early days when the wilds of Chaos were still being tamed.