After the Lighthouse

There’s a Time Paradox going on.

It’s still going on.

[Apologies to anyone that isn’t a fan of Red Dwarf for that plagiarism.]

Some players will already be aware, but there was an event a while back that caused the Creator Gods of Aurellis, Sable and the Reich to become aware, about 60 years in the past, of a lot of things that were going to happen. And they decided that some of those things needed not to happen.

And then, sometimes, Time fought back. So some of the things didn’t happen, and some of them happened differently. Or at a different point in the calendar. For the Empire of Eboracum, on the Inside, the most obvious changes are to the Pantheon. Some of the Gods are different now. Some that died, have survived. Newer ones are not necessarily the same.

For PCs that are normally on the Outside, and only occasionally visit the Inside – they will probably remember how it used to be. And when they next go Inside, well, there’ll be a learning curve. For those that are normally on the Inside, well, for them, nothing has changed. Because they have lived the history that has evolved post Lighthouse. They will not know any different.

There are some changes that will make it to the Outside. Murray and Sanguine have existed for longer, and now have different people in charge of them. Symphony will have different people in charge of it. But these are evolving changes (as the GMs get to thinking about them). Everything will turn out right in the end. Or Left. Or Up. Or Down. Or Strange. Yes. Probably Strange.

Meanwhile on Edwardiana…

Sergi sits quietly in his office, sipping slowly from a large glass filled of ice-cold Vodka. It has been a long day, tending to those whose minds have been broken, possessed or unduly influenced.

He knows he is good at what he does, but people often expect ‘miracles’, but these ‘miracles’ take time and effort if they are going to last.

Then he is hit by It. A feeling of something very, very wrong followed by a cacophony of familiar voices. Overwhelmed briefly, he drops his glass and it smashes sending Vodka, ice and shards of glass everywhere.

Regaining his senses, ‘Enough, already’, he screams at no-one in particular.

Sergi gets to his feet, takes a sharp intake of breath and allows himself a few choice swear words in Russian, before taking a large swig of Vodka straight from the bottle.

“Cicada, my Dear..”, he begins to say and she is there. A brief yet tender embrace is shared before he continues. “We need to go. I think there is a big problem.”

A Pilot tendril appears and the pair are gone.

Public announcement:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Mathila, Sapphire, Eve, Love and Damien cordially invite friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances. and any others who pledge to keep the peace, to join them in Animus on the Winter Solstice, to celebrate their wedding.

OOC: This is a discord session on Dec 27th 2021, UK evening (7pm GMT start). It might have a large roll-call, and obviously there will be way more people at the wedding, than we can reasonably have play the session. But if you want in, and are available at that time, please drop me a line. I will have to be a bit more strict than usual though about people staying muted when they’re not actually talking IC, if we hope to keep control of the airwaves 🙂