The Aurellis Role Playing Game

This is the background information web site for the Aurellis Role Playing Game, run by Tim Hart.

The Game is set in a multiversal setting, using a rules system based around the Amber Diceless Role-playing System™, by Erick Wujcik. There have been rule adaptations to allow the game to proceed in an email environment, and to promote role-playing, rather than rule-playing.

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The front page of the Wiki contains a blog which will include postings about any recent changes both there and here on the main site.

Info on this main site is not necessarily in-character knowledge. So you will have to chose whether you think you want to read or not, depending on what events your character has actually experienced and found out. I will generally try and avoid putting false or knowingly wrong information on the main site.

Info on the wiki is all assumed to be in-character knowledge - by whatever means (blogs, memos, conversations with other characters in the bar) your characters are aware of anything they see on the wiki. However, the wiki is a player led tool, and I will make no attempt to correct any facts that are stated there by characters but I know to be wrong. For that reason - the accuracy of wiki information cannot be guaranteed.